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A popular show set in New York during the height of the AIDS epidemic should include acupuncture in order to reflect the time.

Dear POSE creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Steven Canals,

I love POSE. Your stories are poignant. Your cast is beautiful. Your costumes are fabulous. Your characters (especially Candy) are relatable.

POSE is an important retelling of history. It gives much needed representation to trans people of color who were marginalized by society and struggling to make a life during the AIDS epidemic in New York. Please do not miss the opportunity to tell the story of marginalized…

What are your favorite sources for writing prompts? You mentioned websites and ebooks. Anything specific?

A short story about how holistic living isn’t rainbows and sunshine.

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Jack was a terrible roommate. But, I wasn’t moving in with Jack. Faith had extra room for rent and I liked her. My first semester of acupuncture school started in a week and I needed a place to live. Faith liked me enough to knock $75 dollars off the monthly rent. Jack explained that he teaches English in Japan and that he would be moving back in another six weeks. I liked him at first. I didn’t know he would be such a dick. I spoke as much with…

Jewel Thais Williams from Twitter

My interview with Acupuncturist, LGBTQ and Civil Rights Activist, and Entrepreneur, Jewel Thais Williams

by Elizabeth Ropp and edited by Eric Zulaski

originally posted on the Manchester Acupuncture Studio Blog

We almost never see acupuncture in movies or on TV, so a movie about an acupuncturist is worth celebrating. When I learned about Jewel Thais Williams’ life through the documentary, Jewel’s Catch One, I was humbled to see such a brilliant, awesome, force of nature would dedicate herself to bringing affordable acupuncture to “the hood” of Los Angeles. …

New Hampshire Acupuncture Detoxification Specialists training held by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association. Photo by Eric Zulaski

Cambridge, MA

Harvard University’s Asia Center just published a two part video series by scholar, Eana Meng, chronicling her global journey to uncover the roots and branches of ear acupuncture. Meng began her research in the fall of 2018 at a substance use recovery center in Manchester, NH at Hope For NH Recovery. Her two part video series can be viewed on Harvard’s Asia Center website.

“I was researching the practice of acupuncture to address the opioid epidemic for my senior thesis, and I traveled to Manchester, New Hampshire because I had heard about someone doing ear acupuncture at a…

Rachel Winter, of Manchester, NH, pays off her student loans with her Bloomberg bucks. Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

(March 4, 2020 — Manchester, NH)

Earlier this week, Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign announced it’s latest strategy to win the nomination. Each family can earn $1,000 a month by putting a Mike 2020 campaign sign on their front lawn.

New Hampshire state campaign director, Ryan Mahoney, was quick to dismiss the newest campaign strategy as universal basic income inspired by Andrew Yang’s campaign. “This is not universal basic income. This is universal short term rental income. Each lawn in America can now be an Airbnb for our campaign. What’s more American than that?”

Even though Bernie Sanders won the 2020…

Elizabeth Ropp

acu-punk, activist, late blooming writer

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